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Laser scanning

  • OL1 / OL2 nuclear power plant as-built laser scan, reactor- and turbine building, Finland
  • R.V.S Mirabilis exterior laser scan, STX Rauma
  • Ship bottom shape measurement by laser scan, Arctech Oy ja Työvene Oy
  • Laser scan of damaged area after collision, Amorella, STX Rauma
  • Engine room as-built laser scans, Allure of Seas, STX turku ja Hylje, Työvene Oy
  • Spar-offshore rig top deck and ballast tank laser scan, Project-Heidelberg, Technip Offshore Finland Oy
  • Inventory of the piles and bulk products by laser scan. Finsementti Oy, Teollisuuden voima Oyj, Pori titanium oxide factory / Rauma Survey Oy, UPM Oy
  • Inventory measurements of the gravel pits by laser scanning
  • Laser scanning of the rock surface at Lakari industry area, City of Rauma
  • Laser scanning of the Kaivopuisto Technology Village and producing of the facade drawings, Rauma
  • Laser scanning of the old building and producing of the facade drawings, Lidl 
  • Onkalo - underground bedrock research facility, lasercanning for exavation and research, Posiva Oy

Construction industry

  • Measurements at the nuclear power plants of Olkiluoto, Forsmark and Oskarshamn
  • Factories: Papermill PK3 Rauma, and Pull Product Factory and Rolling Mill, Pori Outokumpi, Partek limestone factory, Kemira Oy, Pori, Jalostaja Oy, Turku
  • Sewer systems + volumes and printing of Metsärauma (MB-3) and UPM-Kymmene (PK-4 Rauma), and measurements during construction. UPM 400 switchyard
  • Rauma library building. Healthcare college Pori, Pyynpää daycare center, Rauma
  • Rauma authority headquarters, Pori Institute of Technology
  • State granary in Rauma, export storage, Port of Rauma
  • TVO’s lodging villages and their infrastructure
  • 400 kV Switchyard of Olkiluoto
  • Spa area of Meri-yyteri (Merenneito)
  • Rehabilitation center of Kankaanpää, expansion of Mynämäki assisted living building
  • Winter practice arenas, Rauma
  • Spent fuel storage, TVO’s visitor center in Olkiluoto
  • Renovation and expansion of sport center. Eura
  • Auramaa truck terminal, Pori
  • Expansion of Forchem pine oil factory, Rauma
  • Stenius nursing home, Rauma
  • Control measurements of the LNG terminal construction site , Tahkoluoto, Pori, FCC Industrial
  • OL3 nuclear power plant, displacement measurements during the pressure test of the reactor building, Teollisuuden Voima Oyj
  • Construction measurements of the Auramaa truck terminal expansion , Rauma, Hansacon Oy
  • Construction measurements of the Lakari logistics center, Rauma
  • Rauma chemical harbour, construction measurements of the fire-extinguishing system, KVL-tekniikka Oy
  • Industry hall expansion, Rilano Oy, Rauma
  • Industry hall expansion, Rauheat Oy, Rauma
  • OL3 Nuclear Power Plant, construction measurements for Skanska Oy
  • Construction measurements of the Puuvilla shopping mall, Skanska Oy
  • Spent nuclear fuel storage, alignment of the fuel racks, Teollisuuden Voima Oyj
  • OL1 and OL2 NPP, Construction surveys for Emergy Diesel Generator building, Skanska Oy
  • S-market, northern ring road, Rauma. Construction surveys, RS-Rakennus Oy
  • K-Rauta, Rauma. Construction surveys for expansion of the warehouse, Finestcon Oy 
  • Encapsulation Plant for nuclear waste - Construction surveys, Posiva Oy

Land surveys and measurements for hydraulic engineering

  • South intersection area of Rauma (TIEL), Intersection area of Tiilimäki (Pori)
  • Numerous bridge measurements
  • Fishing port of Eurajoki (Kuivalahti), OL3 port
  • Highwway 2052 Monna – Kodisjoki
  • Closure of old landfill of Olkiluoto
  • Measurements of docks of Port of Rauma and Suoja
  • Municipal engineering measurements in Nakkila.
  • District heating network of Luolavuori (Turku)
  • Fishing port of Uusikaupunki
  • Sports fields of Pyhäranta and Nakkila
  • Construction of Suiklansuo landfill in Rauma
  • Hydroelectric power plant of Sillankoski in Vampula
  • Construction and assembly measurements of steel beam bridge of Höga-Kusten bro (Sweden)
  • Research and area work of FIN5 - OL3 - Posiva - TVO, Olkiluoto
  • Switchyard of Kuivassuo: Measurements of substations, and switchyard
  • Measurements for landscaping of the landfill - phase 6, Rauma
  • Digital Terrain Models from old bridge areas, Engineering office Suunnittelukide Oy

Rock engineering

  • Measurements for nuclear power plant waste cave for Olkiluoto, MB-3 pulp factory,  Rauma. PK-4 paper mill, Rauma
  • Cable tubble for UPM (Rauma). OL3-Project
  • Onkalo, Posiva Oy. Research facility for final disposal of nuclear waste, laser scanning and other measurements
  • Jokisivu gold mine, Huittinen
  • LUCOEX-project, Laser tracker measurements of the BIM (Bentonite Installation Machine), Posiva Oy
  • Tunnel contract 6 - Laser scanning and measurements for exavation, Posiva Oy

Shipbuilding / offshore industry

Measurements for shipbuilding industry:

  • Finnyards Oy, Rauma, Ship Steel Oy, Rauma and Aker Finnayrds Oy, Rauma, STX-Europe Oy, Rauma, Uudenkaupungin Työvene Oy, Aslemetals Olkiluoto shipyard, Vyborg’s shipyard, Klaipeida shipyard, Navy Headquarters, Border Guard, Gdansk shipyard, Teijo’s shipyard, and repair ship yard in Luonnonmaa, Naantali
  • As-built measurements of the thruster units, inspections of welding jigs, Rolls Royce Oy, Rauma
  • Assembly and inspection measurements of the hoistable funnel (Harmony of the Seas) for Tejara Oy
  • Measurements related to installation of the Kongsberg Multi Beam Echo Sounder-system (MBES), Western Shipyard Ltd.
  • Construction survey of the floating entertainment center, RB-Asennus Oy

Measurements for offshore industry:

  • Ship Steel Oy, Rauma, Aker Finnyard Oy, Rauma, MäntyluotoWorks Oy, Pori, Kværner Masa-Yards Oy, Turku, Technip Offshore Finland Oy, Pori

Machinery and equipment measurements, references of engineering works measurements

  • Measurements of paper machines, calenders and winders (completed a test track in accordance with ISO 9000 of Valmet Oy)
  • Measurements related to ship engine and propeller axle alignments
  • Modifications to TVO/stator (3 pcs): measurements related to preparing lifts
  • Rauma Stevedoring: conveyors for kaolin storages
  • Measurements of injection molds and presses, Makron engineering Oy, Lahti
  • Airbus, measurements of assembly jigs of wing tips, Meteco Oy
  • OL3 NPP, Measurements of conveyors of the nuclear fuel, CNIM
  • Rauma harbour, alignment of ”Ansaldo” container crane wheels with laser tracker, Craneman Oy
  • UPM Rauma paper mill, crane wheel alignment with laser tracker, Craneman Oy
  • Paper mill wind-up section measurements with laser tracker during construction, Javasko Oy
  • Thruster unit welding jig measurements , Craneman Oy ja Sataservice Oy
  • Thruster unit measurements with laser tracker, Rolls Royce Oy
  • Alignment of the crusher rotors, Sataservice Oy
  • Inspection measurements of the copper casting machine and conductors, Luvata Oy
  • TAW4000 Anchor winch inspection measurement, Lehtosen konepaja Oy
  • Nuclear waste disposal canister geometry checks, Oskarhamn, Sweden, Posiva Oy
  • Thruster unit measurements, Halikko Works Oy
  • Alignment survey of the OL3 NPP refueling machine, AREVA
  • ITER Divertor Cassette Body-prototype, Measurement planning and measurement uncertainty calculations, Hollming Works Oy / Suisto Engineering Oy

Other measurements and references

  • 48.5 km of line network, Situ research in Olkiluoto
  • Monitoring of movements of bedrock, spent fuel storage, Tvo-Posiva, Olkiluoto
  • Competition measurements, youth Scandinavian championships, Eurajoki
  • Elite competition, Eurajoki, Kalevankisat 2005, Pori
  • Measurement of the Vuojoki mansion for producing 3D-model, facade and plan drawings for restoration , Posiva Oy
  • OL3 – project
  • TVO, Olkiluoto, traffic arrangements
  • Posiva Oy, Olkiluoto, measurements related to final disposal of nuclear waste, 2004 -
  • OL4 / SMOY: research program (soil investigation holes)
  • Rail road measurements, UPM-Kymmene, Rauma
  • Rosenlew, Pori, Metsä-Botnia, Rauma

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